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Sydney Exotic Aquariums: A Stunning Website for a Unique Pet Store

Sydney Exotic Aquariums is a local pet store that has locations in Casula and Rockdale, and specialises in exotic fish and aquarium products. When we first got in touch, they were in need of a website that would allow them to showcase their vast range of livestock and aquarium products. Our goal was to create a visually stunning website that reflected the unique character of Sydney Exotic Aquariums, while providing an intuitive user experience for their customers.

1/1 Website Design that Matches the Branding

We crafted a website design that perfectly matched Sydney Exotic Aquariums’ branding. The website features a striking color scheme, with eye-catching images of exotic fish and marine life. The design is modern and sleek, with a layout that’s easy to navigate. The website also includes an intuitive search function, allowing users to quickly find the products they’re looking for.

1/2 Over 500 Products and Livestock Listed

One of the key requirements for the website was the ability to showcase Sydney Exotic Aquariums’ vast range of aquarium products and livestock. We worked with them to list over 500 products on the website, including fish, exotic fish, eels, crustaceans, amphibians, and much more.

At the request of the store owner, each aquarium product has a unique ID in the description, allowing customers to reference the exact product with the store owner making it easier to provide guidance and advice.

1/3 No Website? No Problem

Before working with us, Sydney Exotic Aquariums did not have a website. We worked closely with them to understand their business needs and create a website that exceeded their expectations. The website has helped Sydney Exotic Aquariums establish an online presence, and provides a future platform for them to sell their products online.

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